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Manufacturing Company Specialty - Insurance

We specialize in business insurance for manufacturing companies in California.

Manufacturing Specialty Insurance:

  • Workers' Comp
  • General Liability
  • EPLI – Employers Liability Insurance
  • Business (Commercial) Auto
  • Umbrella (Excess)
  • Inland Marine
  • Property
  • Benefits (Health and Retirement)

Our main focus when dealing with manufacturing companies is on Workers' Compensation Insurance (usually the highest share of insurance costs for a manufacturer.)

We have many carriers that specialize in selling to the manufacturing industry. Our job is to match your unique business with their sweet spot. This will ensure the best rates and coverage for your company.

By helping you maintain cost controls on this major component of your 'Labor Costs' (workers' comp insurance), we add value to your business - making you more profitable!

We also have special packages for manufacturing companies that offer: Workers' Comp, HR, Payroll, Benefits and Risk Management with OSHA Compliance. These packages can include all of the above services or just a few of the components.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. Get the best Workers' Compensation rates available for your company.
  2. OSHA Compliance – Mock OSHA Inspections (enhanced risk management)
  3. HR Specialist (optional with some packages)
  4. Provide a proactive 'Workers' Comp Cost Control' program.
    • Ex Mod Management – year-round
    • Reports on Ex Mod and carriers
    • Forecasts of Ex Mods and how specific claims can affect your premiums
  5. Provide an Advocate for EMPLOYERS' RIGHTS under Workers' Comp.
    • Insurance carriers are not on your side – you are transferring risk to them so you must advocate your own rights as the employer
    • Employers have rights and we can advocate for your rights
    • Know what your rights are and how to enforce those rights
  6. Provide outsourcing of insurance carrier management, communication, and documentation.
    • Claims tracking
    • Adjuster communications and documentation
    • Reserve analysis and management on all OPEN CLAIMS
    • Close open claims quickly and effectively
    • Document the entire process for future protection (enforce your rights)
  7. Assist in employee fraud prevention.
    • Screen new employees for past workers' comp claims prior to formally hiring them onto your payroll
  8. Document safety programs and policies so that you receive the best workers' comp premiums available.
    • This can reduce your workers' comp rates by 15-20%
  9. Provide back-to-work programs/policies.
    • Provide full duty, modified, and light duty 'back to work' programs
    • This can reduce your EX MOD dramatically. We can show you why this happens.
  10. Workers' Comp claims consulting
    • How to manage claims (pay the claim outright or make a workers' comp claim)
      • This is purely a financial decision – we can provide you the tools to make this decision
    • Set up a triage clinic for incident-only claims.
    • Incident-only reporting procedures that can protect your company’s ex mod.
  11. Provide access to policies and procedures for safety meetings and materials for compliance with workers' comp and OSHA regulations.
  12. Assist with OSHA and workers' comp integration.

We have a special relationship with our underwriters. These underwriters understand our programs and the safety measures we help to implement. This results in making your company a excellent risk - reducing your rates!

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Other Manufacturing Industry Policies Available

General Liability

We have built a large network of carriers that have an appetite to write GL insurance for manufacturing companies.

Commercial Auto Policies

We have an extensive network of carriers that provide excellent rates for commercial auto policies.

And More ...

EPLI • Excess Liability • Key Man Insurance • Group Benefits (Health, Life, AD and D, etc.) • Business Owners Policies • Business Owner Disability Overhead Expense Insurance


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