Umbrella Policy Meeting

Umbrella Policy

What Is It
A Business Umbrella Policy provides additional liability insurance beyond your other existing business insurance policies (e.g. Auto, General Liability, etc.). It can cover the costs of damages, losses, or lawsuits that exceed what a normal policy can and will pay.

Why You Should Consider a Business Umbrella Policy
An Umbrella Policy is a great way to add additional overall coverage for your business without raising the coverage of each of your other policies.  This allows you to spread coverage across the business in a cost-effective manner. It also protects against unforeseen gaps in your overall insurance coverage.

At Regency, we specialize in business insurance coverage. We can examine your total coverage needs and integrate your policies to provide the maximum benefit for the least cost.

More Information
Most umbrella policies kick in when there is either a gap in your other policies or a claim exceeds the coverage of a specific primary policy.  Accidents, thefts, or lawsuits can be catastrophic, and it can be difficult to foresee exactly how much coverage or the type of coverage your business might need. When a large or catastrophic liability loss occurs, an umbrella insurance policy can mean the difference between your business surviving, or not.

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