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Regency Business Insurance Solutions offers a number of enhanced services related to Human Resources management.

PEO - Professional Employer Program
A PEO program can manage many of the HR jobs you might typically outsource or not want to handle internally, such as Payroll, Workers' Comp, and Benefits Administration. Learn More
PEO Replacement Program
Are you already using a PEO but are unhappy with the service. We can help you research and replace that service - usually improving both cost and quality. Learn More
ASO - Administration Services Only
This is an arrangement in which an organization funds its own employee benefit plan (such as a pension plan or health insurance program), but hires an outside firm to perform specific administrative services. Learn More
Risk Management
We'll provide solutions to assist in creating a safer environment for your employees and clients, thus reducing your overall insurance costs. Learn More
Payroll solutions that integrate with your existing or new HR programs. Learn More
401(k) administration is an unwelcome chore for most companies. With our program, 95% of the administrative burden is removed from the employer. Learn More
Regency has a team of OSHA defense personnel.  We have resolved over 500 OSHA cases without a single "admission of guilt." Learn More

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