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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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What Is It
Workers' Compensation Insurance is a state-mandated coverage program required for all businesses with hired employees. It can be the most complex and volatile insurance coverage a business can purchase.

Workers’ comp provides income, medical benefits, and physical rehabilitative services for employees injured on the job or while performing work-related duties. Additionally, it can protect an employer from being sued by an injured worker.

Why You Should Consider Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Besides being mandated by the state, workers’ compensation insurance helps you and your affected employee get back up to speed after a work-related injury. It protects your business against large potential expenses resulting from direct costs or lawsuits.

At Regency, we specialize in business insurance coverage. We can look at one individual coverage area such as workers compensation Insurance, or your complete business insurance needs to ensure you have the proper level of coverage.

Why Regency

We are Workers Comp Insurance experts!

For some companies, workers compensation insurance will comprise 50% or more of their insurance expenditures. Thus, it’s an area of huge potential savings. When you work with a company that truly understands the intricacies of the programs and how your industry can affect coverage options, you can maximize those savings.

Regency represents over 50 insurance companies in this space. Our job is to match your unique company requirements with the workers comp insurance company that best suits your business. When shopped correctly, companies like yours can get affordable insurance while maintaining the highest quality of coverage.

Additional areas we address:

•            Ex-mod reduction assistance
•            Payroll integration: weekly/monthly
•            $0 deposit programs
•            'Pay as you go'
•            Safety program credits
•            HR/Risk Management/Payroll/Benefits/Retirement programs
•            OSHA compliance and defense
•            State tax credit programs

More Information
Choosing the right carrier for your needs and situation can significantly lower premiums. Because claims can significantly increase the cost of workers' compensation insurance for your entire company, it is important to maintain a safe work environment and well-trained employees.

Specialized industries:

Workers Comp

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