PEO Replacement Meeting

PEO Replacement

Is your company currently in a PEO arrangement (Bundled Payroll, HR, Workers' Comp and/or Benefits)?

Are you looking to get out of your PEO?

Are you looking to get a competitive quote to move into another PEO?

Is your PEO messing up your payroll again or not returning your calls on payday?

. . . Regency Business Insurance Solutions has a PEO replacement program for you!

We can replace all the services that are currently being provided by your PEO, usually at a fraction of the cost. We also allow you to pick and choose services that are normally bundled together with a PEO, so you don't have to pay for services your company doesn't utilize. Our flexible program allows you to control all of the components of the service offering - it is no longer a one size fits all PEO arrangement. Our offering is a customizable solution to fit your unique company demands.

PEO replacement services offered (choose one, many, or all):

  • Workers' Comp Insurance
  • Human Resources consulting/outsourcing/overlay
  • Risk Management consulting/outsourcing/overlay
    • OSHA compliance
  • Payroll Services (or use your own)
    • HRIS automated systems
    • Time and Attendance solutions
  • Group Health Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • EPLI insurance
  • An automated system that ties all these functions together

If you are interested in a painless and seamless plan to migrate from your PEO, please contact us. We'll take an inventory of all your services, costs, and deliverables and provide you with a comprehensive solution that makes sense. We have done this for many companies and we have references.

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