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Regency has a team of OSHA defense personnel. We have resolved over 500 OSHA cases without a single "admission of guilt."

If your company is involved with OSHA we can help.  Just like you should not talk to a police agency without a lawyer, don't engage with OSHA without representation.

Not appealing all citations and fines is an admission of guilt and could label your company as an offender of Health and Safety State Laws. Even if fines are minimal, an admission of guilt can have negative effects on future business, insurance, and contracts for years. It can also be used against your company in future legal proceedings.

1BY Form: If you have received this very simple form for OSHA, BE VERY CAREFUL. To preserve your defense and rights, we suggest not writing or saying anything without consulting an expert first. (1BY Form – this document can make or break your defense.)  We will represent you throughout the entire process.  We become a buffer between your company and OSHA.

OSHA Violations/Fines: If you have received a violation from OSHA, you still have rights. We can and have reduced these fines and represent you so that you don't have an "admission of guilt."

Visit from OSHA: The inspector was probably nice and cordial (however, we have a saying that every picture an OSHA rep. takes is a violation waiting to hit your desk). This difficult situation can be a very stressful. It can lead to a maze of confusion and a host of fines. This situation can be mitigated if addressed quickly and correctly. Don't wait for the big fines to hit your desk, engage us and we can help.

Fatality/Catastrophe: If your company has suffered a major FAT/CAT issue we can help. We have many years of experience in this area.  We can help navigate your company through this difficult time.

What we do?

  • We provide consultation throughout the entire process.
  • We represent your company to OSHA – "OSHA BUFFER"
  • We will consult and write your 1BY Form.
  • We will prepare and file your appeal.
  • We will shepherd you through the process.
  • We will negotiate the best possible resolution to your issues.
  • The main goal of providing you with a settlement agreement that that stipulates a no "admission of guilt clause."

We are insurance brokers but we specialize in protecting employers and mitigating risk. This is just one of the methods we employ to keep your insurance premiums down. These negative issues can raise your premiums on Workers' Comp, General Liability, and Umbrella policies. The cost can be enormous if you don't act now.

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