401k Management Meeting


Regency provides solutions for your employee benefits program through our 401k offering.

Our program eliminates 95% of the administration and fiduciary responsibilities of the employer. 

401(k) administration is a chore for any employer because, in most 401(k) programs, the administrative burden falls on the employer alone.

With our program, 95% of the administrative burden is removed from the employer and handled by our Third Party partner.

Under our program an employer has to do three (3) things:

  1. Upload Payroll Files to Third Party
  2. Monitor Third Party
  3. Provide Year-end Data for Testing

These tasks are eliminated from the employer:

  1. Signing & Filing of Form 5500
  2. Employee Communications
  3. 404(a)(5)
  4. 404(c)
  5. 408(b)(2)
  6. Benefit Payments
  7. Blackout Periods
  8. Summary Plan Description
  9. Document Requests
  10. Legal Process
  11. Retirement Plan Tax Issues
  12. Pre-populated Year-end Questionnaire
  13. Select & Monitor Investments
  14. Menu Quarterly Investment Meetings
  15. Spousal Consent
  16. Filing of Form 8955
  17. Error Correction
  18. Rate Change Reports
  19. Distribution Reports
  20. Loan Reports
  21. Eligibility Reports
  22. QDRO Reports
  23. 402(g) Limit Reports
  24. Lost Earnings Calculations
  25. Final Census
  26. Trustee Duties
  27. QDRO Determinations
  28. Upload Payroll Files
  29. Provide Year-end Data
  30. Plan Design
  31. Work w/ DOL or IRS for Issue Resolution

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