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Offering a group benefits plan can be an excellent way to help attract and retain employees. Group life insurance is a popular component of a comprehensive group benefits plan.

Because group life insurance plans are purchased across your entire workforce, they can be much less complicated for the individual. There are often no requirements for individual physical or medical exams and the process of filing a claim can be much more straightforward.

These factors add to the value of this type of benefit from the perspective of your employees and can allow employees to gain the peace of mind that they are providing for their loved ones in the case of a tragic event. Employees will often think of an employer provided plan as a no-cost supplement to their privately purchased plan.

Premiums will be based on factors such as the size of your group, the type of work or industry your workforce is involved in, age and gender distribution, and coverage amounts. At Regency, we’ll help you evaluate different carriers, offerings, and plan choices in order to get the most from your group life insurance plan.

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